With our modern, flexible plant, PACARBEL can easily cater to all types of requests for rolls, folded tablecloths and table runners.

PACARBEL is always researching and developing ways to improve the current range and create new products. We frequently invest in our R&D activities to provide price and service-level solutions. Our service-level rating currently stands at around 99.5%, higher than the 98.5% level set by the large-retail industry.

Our production activities are geared to manufacturing tablecloths in both roll and folded format in a range of sizes.

Environmental protection is a priority at PACARBEL. We are an FSC certified company, which offers an extra guarantee with regard to customer requirements. Similarly, PACARBEL operates under BRC certification for greater transparency in the distribution chain.

PACARBEL also insists that its products are traceable. Each product reference has its own identity card within the system, and we can trace its entire itinerary along the production chain, from beginning to end. This represents a significant and highly reassuring benefit for the customer, and in particular a huge competitive edge in terms of quality control.

We place great emphasis on being versatile and our graphics department delivers bespoke and personalised projects.

PACARBEL has created a number of display models consisting of complete coordinated tablecloth and table runner sets, roll and table runner sets, as well as napkins. The examples below have already proven popular in the large-retail sector and are suited to standard packaging and transport formats (full pallet loads, ¼ pallet loads, etc). 


  • Rolls are available in 3 widths (1.18m, 1.35m and 1.40m) in 5- to 100-metre lengths.
  • Folded tablecloths come in 90 to 160 cm widths by 90 to 260 cm lengths.
  • Au niveau des tête-à-tête, PACARBEL propose une largeur unique de 38 cm pour des longueurs de 4.80m et 12m avec ou sans prédécoupe.

Folded tablecloths

Tablecloth rolls

Table runners


Coordinated Product sets

Display cases